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1. Installation

1.1 Default installation

The installation of AntiSpam (for one user) is quite simple:

(1) If you are not sure about these directories start PMail and take a look at Help > About Pegasus Mail > Info and look for the lines saying:
WINPMAIL.EXE directory:
Home mailbox location:

(2) If you don't want that for some reason you have to modify AntiSpam3.fff to reflect the changed path to AntiSpam3.dll and AntiSpam3.bmp.

1.2 Languages

If you don't use the English version of PMail you have to change AntiSpam3.fff; for the German version AntiSpam3.fde would be the correct name.

1.3 Multi-user

If you put AntiSpam3.fff into PMail's program directory, it will be accessable for all users. All other files have to be put into the users' home mailbox directories nevertheless.

2. Uninstallation

Delete all files named AntiSpam3*.*.
Yes that's all.

3. Deactivating AntiSpam

If you want to deactivate AntiSpam without uninstalling (deleting) it you can simply rename AntiSpam3.fff into something meaningless (perhaps AntiSpam3.fff.bak)

4. Parallel installation

Although there is no reason for it you can use both AntiSpam3 and AntiSpam2 because all file names are different.

5. More ...

For instructions on how to use AntiSpam3 read Readme.txt or visit http://antispam.sourceforge.net/readme.shtml.

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